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Suggestions for a gun I should make? Answered

Hey there. Can anyone suggest ideas for a knex gun I should make, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if you could post a picture of the gun you want me to make along with your comment that would be great. Thanks, Knexspecialist



9 years ago

These are the best guns of their class. The TR18 is probably the best all-round gun though.

For range:

My SRv2, shoots 522ft (click my name for the list of instructables)

For Power:
Viccie1993 (or something)'s Sipriani rifle v1, v2 or v3.

For maximum damage:
I_Am_Canadian's K'nex heavy cannon  

For Mag capacity
Ipod Killer's K'nex Sniper Rifle (mag holds 50)

For all-round assault
KillerK's TR18 or his BR8 (both work with oodammo)

Bakenbitz's AK47 or KillerK's SRv1. The AK47 is on instructables, but the funtional version is on www.knexinnovation.net

My K'nex Breaking Sniper (breaks apart)

Rapid fire:
Perfect Duck's Knexecutioner v2

Bolt Action:
Zak's ZKAR it's on www.knexinnovation.net but it is the best bolt action out there

My AA Sniper Pistol: 6 round hopper and a slide make it very powerful!

kNeXfreek's  shotgun 


9 years ago

I'd sugest killerk srv1 or lowneys srv2