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Suggestions for a new thing to do each day of February? Answered

Trying to do a new thing each day for the month of February, but I'm at a loss. I need suggestions for 28 things to do .


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Best Answer 8 years ago

I can't think of 28 of them... but here a few that are good ideas:
Spend the day at your public library. They have lots more than just books nowadays. Learn a funny joke and practice telling it until you are good repeating it to yourself... then try it on your friends. Get a harmonica and learn to play it. Make a slideshow or a short 3minute video of something that happened to you (a story you like to tell). Plant a VERY small vegetable garden, you will be surprised with the benefits of gardening and the things you will learn. Start a JOURNAL if you are a guy... only chicks keep DIARIES. Learn a card trick or a magic trick but don't show your friends until you are good at it. Learn how to make a mold of an object... then make copies of it. Learn how to do screen-printing, then make a tee-shirt for yourself with something screen printed onto it.


8 years ago

1. Watch Star Wars
2. Read something inspirational.
3. Write lyrics to a song.
4. Discover something new in nature.
5. Watch a comedy.
6. Knit something small like a heart, slippers, change purse. Think SPRING
7. Cook something you have never made before.
8. Some sort of charity work.
9. Plant something that will grow a carrot, bean, bulb, seed (watch it grow, spring is just around the corner)
10. Wash dishes by hand (therapeutic)
11. Smile all day (this one is hard)
12. Rise early and go for a walk.
13. Spend a day reflecting on your future and how you plan to achieve your dream.
14.. Make a Valentines
15. Run in a field.
16. Sing!!!!
17. Re-use something.
18. Talk to an animal. You can tell them anything and it will be a secret.
19. Use a free coupon.
20. Weed a garden.
21. Finish something you have put off for a while. It will give you a feeling of accomplishment.
22. Play tennis even if it is cold!
23. Write a letter and send it snail mail.
24.Learn and use a new word.
25.Do not use the computer for 1 day.
26.Look at the stars.
27. Thank your mom,dad, brother, friend, whoever . . . . for a day.
28.Do something creative.
Do something new everyday for the rest of your life!


8 years ago

1. draw something every day
2. Take a photograph every hour of the day of the same object to show it changing through the day.
3. Learn 5 commonest words of a foreign language every day and revise the ones you already learned.- after 28 days you will know 140 common words - in every day conversation most people use less than 100 words.
4.Make something from paper.
5. Eat a new dish
6. Cook with a new ingredient
7. learn a new song
8. listen to a new record
9. Learn a new Shakespearian role
10 read a new play
11 Be nice to a stranger
12 Smile all day
13 help a voluntary group
14 Give someone a free meal
15 Give something to a stranger
16 Sit in your local park all day
17 learn a new swimming stroke
18 feed wild birds
19 visit a public place you have never been
20 ride a train to a new destination
21 ride a bus to a new destination
22 paint a flower
23 Go listen to music you don't normally like
24 Go see a play you never saw before.
25 Play a sport
26 learn to meditate
27 make an effort to like people you don't like
28 start a daily diary.

15 minus of my life wasted for you! That's my do a nice thing for today!


8 years ago

Do something "new" everyday or wear a "new" color every day. Actually you have 28 days of unlimited possibilities.......Gee, you better start planning!