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Suggestions for my Instructable? Answered

Hello everyone!

I haven't made many Instructables, so I was looking for some advice with this one:


Any suggestions to better my next ones, or this current one?

Thank you for your constructive criticism! :)



8 years ago

That's great! You can actually show to the people the steps on how you did your doll face halloween image. It would be great if you can show some screen shots of your step-by-step process. That would be awesome! By the way you do beautiful work! Amazing! If I have to do my instructables I will show how to make a bracelet made of paracord knots. It could be a nice instructional step-by-step process. I have to learn first on how to do it and I can't wait.


8 years ago

Hi there! I made a similar forum topic about my instructable a little while ago, and was given this idea:

Place a link to your project inside The Clinic, and people will give you criticism.


It helps with the members who go around looking to categorize things properly for no reason.