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Suggestions for painting an Invicta diving case? Answered

So I've got some Instructables in mind for painting a Nerf Maverick. (Wait, you said you were painting an Invicta diving case...) Yes, you're right. The case will be a custom painted case to house a custom painted Nerf Maverick for a Christmas present. However, I have some questions about how to paint it.

The case has a rough outside made from what I suspect to be high-impact plastic. The inside is smooth plastic with removable foam inserts and a rubber gasket seal. I know I will have to sand the inside to make the paint stick, but my question is if the outside is already a rough textured plastic, will I need to sand it as well? Also, what paints and finishes do you suggest for painting this case? 

The Invicta logo on the back will need to be sanded (although I suppose I could leave it since they manufactured the case). The picture shows what my case looks like, minus the graffiti image.

Thanks in advance, and God Bless!



2 years ago

You wrong with both assumptions, the surface roughness is the least of your problems - making the paint bond with the plastic is!
Otherwise all your paint will just flake off.
First you need to know what type of plastic it is - check for the usual symbol, the triangle with a number in it.
Usually those boxes are either made from ABS or HDPE.
Once you know the type of plastic get a proper primer for this type of plastic.
Follow the instructions for the primer to the letter!
Once dried you can paint with whatever paint and color.you desire.

For some plastics, like ABS it is suffient to use a solvent based paint and to add a bit of acetone to the first thin layer of paint.


Reply 2 years ago

I've looked the case over and unfortunately it doesn't have a symbol anywhere on it. It's a dive case made to be able to float on water and keep the contents dry. I'm not really concerned with keeping what's inside out of the ocean, but I'm concerned with making the paint stick. I have to disassemble it and once I do maybe I'll find that symbol, but I'm going to make sure i do things properly so that the case looks great when I finish.


Reply 2 years ago

Find a small spot that can't really see.
Take a cotton bud or similar and wet it with acetone or mail polish remover.
Rup over the plastic - if the yellow comes off and the plastic goes really sticky from the acetone than most likely you'll have ABS as the material.