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Suggestions for simple recycled electronics project? Answered

Hi folks,
So I'm putting together a workshop for primary schools kids on making things with recycled electronics. I'm trying to think of a circuit which each child could reliably get the pieces to make (I have a big pool of bits, and we'll be asking them to bring in stuff) - so the bits I reckon we'll get a lot of are resistors, capacitors, switches, little motors and LEDs. Can anyone think of something simple you could make out of those that might be fun to have at the end - some kind of simple moving bot or some such? I've done some of this kind of stuff myself, but my electronics knowledge isn't hot enough to figure something out by myself...



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9 years ago

Your best bet are some sort or vibrobot or blinkybug, or a combination of the two.

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Whatever you do, don't restrict yourself to a short list of designs.  Let them be creative.  Show them how to make a complete circuit, show them how to control it with a switch, and then let them experiment for themselves.  Maybe provide printed pictures of some of the robots on this site as inspiration.