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Suggestions for super basic (free or inexpensive) software for drawing floor plans from scratch? Answered

I'm old school.... T squares, canary paper, ruling pens etc. 

 I need a super simple drawing program that will let me draw lines to scale on a grid and give dimensions.  I don't need/want  to drag and drop, I don't need bells and whistles, 3D, landscapes, floor plans  etc etc. I've tried ProDraw and another trial program, but find I spend too much time trying to delete  all the 'helpful' extras like doorways - shades of that pesky paperclip 'helper' in Word.  I don't want to drag anything anywhere.  I just want to draw to scale on a computer.  There is a time crunch here, so easy like the original  MS Paint would be good.

I have Adobe Elements 1.0  and love it.  If I could figure out how to make dimensional lines with it (is it possible??)  I would be set.

Just thought I'd ask before dragging out the Clearprint.   Thanks.


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