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Suggestions for this post Answered

hello, i recently posted this instructable, please suggest tips to get better at this post since it wasn't featured and how to avoid those mistakes in future,

thank you!



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1 year ago

One thing that is weighted when making a decision to feature something on the site is what the main image looks like. Yours had a lot of post processing on it and had a lot of things overlaid on top of the image which made it difficult to see what it actually was. I would suggest making your project's thumbnail a very clear closeup of the project without any overlays.


1 year ago

Not getting featured is not a mistake, just bad luck in most cases.
Don't see anything wrong and the only thing I would have done differently would be to mouting the speaker on the inside instead the outside - or to use a cover over it.
I see two possible for not being featured:
1. There are already too many BT speaker projects out there.
2. It was simply overlooked.


Reply 1 year ago

yes definitely i would change the speaker position in next build, this was a 1 hour challenge so not much of creative direction was used here :P, but yes i will keep that in mind for next time!

i think no one has made a BT speaker using PCB's insturctables please have a look here! :(

i would appreciate your inputs to improve on my next post's
thanks :)