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Suggestions on making a plastic-free push-up cosmetic container? Answered

I absolutely despise plastic and don't want it touching my body or anything that touches me any more than absolutely necessary. I've been working on some home-made body care products, and have made the deodorant posted on Instructables by scoochmaroo...but she re-uses an old plastic bottle, and that's just icky! So I'm open to suggestions...aluminum, glass bottles converted somehow, toilet paper tubes, ceramic, birch bark...whatever! I'd like it to sit at 1-2 oz, and have push-up-from-the-bottom capabilities. Or if you know where I can find what I want, I've been looking all over the net and haven't found a thing!



Best Answer 9 years ago

 I think you could do this with a straight-sided glass jar that had a screw cap, some balsa wood, and a dowel.  You would also need an exacto knife and sandpaper for the balsa and the right kind of drill bit for drilling through glass.

Basically, you'd drill a hole the size of your dowel in the bottom of the jar.  Then you'd cut the balsa to fit just inside the jar.  Lay balsa disk inside jar, fill with your homemade deodorant/ body butter/ what have you.  Once it cools you can use the dowel to push it up (a dab of glue would attach the dowel to the balsa, if you want).  You'd have to store it cap down,  of course.