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Suggestions plz*** Outdoor Cat House!!! Answered

Hi guys, I have a cat box that my indoor cats hated.

(here's direct link if the images i uploaded didn't work: 
http://www.wayfair.com/New-Age-Pet-Habitat-n-Home%25E2%2584%25A2-Litter-Box-Cover-NEW1075.html )

I'd like to configure this into an outdoor cat house. I would put it in the shed which has missing front doors so it will already be protected from rain/leaks.

I would like to use Styrofoam on the outside of the box for insulation. What would be the best way to attach it? Just duct tape?

There are A LOT of animals in my neighborhood thanks to the woodlands and a pond about a quarter mile from our house. If I make the door opening just small enough so Whitey can fit, will this keep out raccoon and possums?  I plan to cut an escape door too!

I also to use 8x8 carpet pieces, cut them in half, and screw them in so that helps keep the warmth.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thank you :)


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Yorkshire Lass
Yorkshire Lass

5 years ago

If Whitey wears a collar (or could be persuaded to), you can fit a catflap with access control as a door to keep other animals out. If not, think about the differences between the local wildlife and a cat - I know nothing about raccoons and possums - are they heavier, less good at jumping, climbing or balancing? Then you can make access difficult for them yet easy for the cat. If the only difference is they're bigger, then I guess you'll have to go with a small hole.

I'd use double sided tape to keep the foam on, but try it first, styrofoam can be difficult to stick to.

You'll need to be able to get in to clean out the cat house every now and then, so make one side removable, or just don't give it a base.