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"Summer Sewing" or just "Sewing" contest Answered

As an un-indicted co-conspirator on one of the finalist entries, I hate to seem like a sore loser, but I think the judges missed the boat on a few of the winners. Considering it was a "Summer Sewing Contest" that was looking for "Summery" projects that were "celebrating summer", Upcycled Quilts and Pokemon Snuggie Costumes, without even a hint of summer theme, seem a little out of spirit. Fine instructables to be sure, but best saved for the next iterations of SEW SCARY and SEW WARM. To give credit where credit is due, the Grand Prize winner could not have been more appropriate. It was unquestionably "Summery", most definitely a sewing project, and very well done.  I hope the judges will weigh more heavily the theme of the contest in the future.


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10 years ago

"The rules are simple: make a new Instructable that shows how to sew up something to celebrate summer, and publish it before the contest ends." Summer doesn't necessarily mean warm weather and outside in the sun. For me, it's the time when all my friends from college come back home and we get to spend time together. We started a project together. So, it happened to be something that was more winter oriented. It's still a project that most of them could only do during summer when I was available to help them.