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Sunbeam Foodsaver Vac430 won't seal bags Answered

It's seems to work without any packaging and sealer is hot but as soon as I try to seal a bag it won't seal but pump sounds like it is working


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1 year ago

My sunbeam food saver VAC430 wont seal, I have tried to make a bag and it wont seal the seal strip doesnt appear to be warm.


3 years ago

Sunbeam is not really well known for high quality and lasting products.
This becomes evident when you open consumer grade products for inspection or repairs.
No clue what model you have as you failed to upload images or post a model number but in general they work like this:
1. Check lid is closed, if so the button starts the pump.
2. Check if the unit is sealed and able to pull a vacuum, if so it continues otherwise it just makes noise without sealing.
3. Once the vacuum is stable a pressure switch activates the heat sealing.
4. Bag is sealed, unit shuts off.
So I would check 2 and 3....