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"Sunken living room" (joists?) Answered

I am wanting to build a "sunken living room/conversation pit" in my (newly made to be) open floor plan living room, dining room, kitchen. From what I have read. These concepts are primarily built in with new construction or in houses with crawl spaces. I, have a full basement. As for the loss of head space in basement. That is fine. I plan on using that area (walled in) as a seasonal storage cloest. (Holiday decor, seasonal clothing) Just curious as to what would be needed other than a support frame for current and unaltered joists and the new "sunken joists"


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2 years ago

Firstly, at least in most area, you will need a permit for it.
Although it is "just a floor" structural integrety and safety plays a role these days.
The major problem of doing this in an existing house is that will be no support structure to hold the lowered floor.
The few examples I have seen around here go somehow like this:
Remove all boards on floor and ceiling.
Add supports on the vertical beams below for the new floor beams.
Add diagonal, short supports to prevent movement and warping.
(these were basically just diagonal stubs going from the new support beams up to the existing and then straight down again to form a triangle)
After that is becomes a standard job for plasterer and floormaker, maybe the electrician too.