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Super BAG! Answered

I am sparsh from India and i am a technology freak
i am very new to Arduino.

I recently lost my sisters bag (it was her favourite one! )
she still hasn't forgiven me and make up to her , im gonna get her a new one...
Not only do i wanna get her a bag, i wanna get her a Super bag!

This is a bag i found online.. the one i lost was leather too..

I was hoping all of you would be able to help me plan the bag ...
Mission : a bag that has arduino and bluetooth connection and a small screen(to show bag battery and bluetooth connection status), can connect to phone, play music through awesome speaker that is connected to super large capacity battery that can be charged via wall plug or solar panel. Same battery has a standard Indian 3 pin socket to connect laptop on the go.  Maybe some way of bag lost detection on phone when bag not connected via bluetooth. Also maybe some lights connected to the arduino that respond to music playing through the bluetooth ...
i also had the idea of using a breathlyzer or some other cool utility that you can think of ...

I believe a lot of this will be possible with only an arduino board and a 1sheeld .
Or if you have any other ideas in mind
I have saved up some money. i would like to pay any of you some if you would like to help me with this project and think that you cannot do it for free !
Otherwise id love to see the community giving in their inputs and extra add ons.

Looking forward to hearing from you ...


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5 years ago

One good advice:
If you have not enough knowledge to get the basics going including the required parts and materials, then I strongly suggest to stick just with the bag alone.
You are asking for someone else to do all the work and coding for and that wonÄt work.
Get it together, get the basic code running and if you still have problems I am certain someone here will be able to assist you.
Otherwise just browse the Arduino project on Instructables as I am almost certain you can "stitch" something together from some of the great Ibles here.


Reply 5 years ago

Well i am sorry if i sounded like i want you to work for me .... i wanted this to be a collaborative project by the community for the community. Being in India, with a population of 1.295b and counting , it certainly wouldn't be hard to get some work then let alone the fact that im willing ti pay. It will also create employment.

I chose to do this here so that it can be seen by anyone and everyone. i also kept the mission open for feedback from people as people may be able to achieve different outcomes through experience etc and the knowledge soup becomes big :)
and as for the payment, it is only a small amount as gratitude for spending time on helping me help everyone :)