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Super iPod, USB Fridge, Wood-Fired Hot Tub... Answered

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Nov. 29, 2007

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$5 Mini USB Fridge!
Keep your drinks coldnext to your computer with the power coming out of your USBport.
postedbybabblin5onNov 28, 2007

High-powered LED Mag-lite Conversion
Make you Mag-Liteshine brighter and longer with the addition of a dozen LEDs.
posted byMustangChris429onNov 27, 2007

How to Make Delicious, Healthy Homemade Potato Chips With aMicrowave!
Make your chips withwhatever seasonings you like!
postedbythatkidwithayoyoonNov 22,2007
How to build a wood-fired hot tub
It's getting colderout there so build a hot tub for less than $75 and stay warm thiswinter.
postedbyveloboyon Nov 26, 2007
How To Turn an ice cream Stick Into aKey
Make a copy of a keywith a popsicle stick and some simple tools.
postedbytycoyokenonNov 26,2007
Replicating body parts in plaster
Preserve a part ofyourself forever with a plaster replica.
postedby donnauwannaon Nov 25,2007
Super iPod
Mega is the new mini soit's time to make an iPod pillowcase that plays music and has fabricbuttons to control it.
postedbysunonNov 24, 2007

Win a laser cutter worth over$15,000!

Cook a Chicken in 15 minutes with an old can, a beerbottle, and some hay.
Warm yourself up witha quick fire that delivers a roasted chicken.
posted bydandym onNov 22, 2007

The Poor Mans Paint Job: How to paint your car for$75
Try on a different carcolor with this new trick for painting with Rustoleum.
postedbyStylusson Nov 27, 2007
Ultra-cheap router lift
Make the router lift onyour own and save over $100.
postedbyVestuson Nov 25, 2007

Now gomake something awesome, and I'll see you next week!



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