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Super old Compaq Presario 1600 in desperate need of reincarnation. What OS should I use? Answered

Preferably free. THANKS!! :-)



8 years ago

Go for Damn Small Linux.
Its around 50mb but is able to do all basic work like music, internet, office etc.


Other option is Puppy Linux.


both are good.

Xubuntu is not a good choice and as far as windows is concerned ............. XXXX

Try both and choose the one which suits you.



8 years ago

There's nothing better to get the most out of a low spec computer than Xubuntu. I have it running on an almost 8 year old laptop I keep as a backup, without a single hitch.
Don't let the Linux issue cause you any concern, Xubnunt is as easy, if not easier to use than WinXP. Read the info on the website and you will be up and running in an hour or less.



Answer 8 years ago

Does the newest x-ubuntu have a safe grapics install mode?


Answer 8 years ago

To the best of my knowledge all iterations of Ubuntu including Xubuntu have the safe graphics mode. I have installed Ubuntu on at least five different PCs and Xubuntu on two and have never needed it. The installations went cleanly and the generic drivers worked perfectly.


8 years ago

almost like burf's suggestion, i say ubuntu or something that is a branch of it. ubuntu isn't really hardware intensive, so it is perfect for older systems. you can get ubuntu to run on as little specs as 256mb of ram, and a 500mhz or better processor. you might need to tweak the visual settigns to save some framerate so it runs faster if it runs too slow. i have managed to run it on 256mb sdram and a 400mhz celeron before.

hope this helps!

Nostalgic Guy

8 years ago

Windows 98se or 2000 would be fairly ok on a machine like this, speaking for myself I would probably go for 2000 if it were mine.
If you want to go for a free & legal option then I would suggest Linux Ubuntu.
I am not a great Linux user to be honest in fact I only really use it as a boot medium when I want to get data from faulty pc drives that refuse to boot to Windows.
I am certain however that a lot of people on here will be able to give you plenty of advice about it, they are a clever lot & seldom fail to come up with a decent answer.