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Surely there's an app...? (Software recommendations, please) Answered

So, I have this new HP Sprout that I totally wasn't expecting.

It's got a large touchscreen and this cool projector-scanner-touchmat combo that should be really useful for... something.

The first thing I actively want is to be able to create files for my laser cutter (running Lasercut5.3), just by drawing with fingertips or stylus.  In my head, I see a version of Inkscape that works on the touchmat, but only responds to the stylus (to save weird lines from knuckles, elbows...).  I have Inkscape downloaded, but it won't work with the touchmat.

Second, it would be nice to start learning how to create are actually 3d already, that could then become lasercut-able or 3d printable.

Again, it would be nice to use the full potential of the machine, so what software would you recommend?

Third... what?  have you got any cool ideas?

On top of all this is the consideration of cost.  Free would be nice - if you are a software developer, I don't mind having a go with Beta products (I'm known for breaking code, so if it can survive me...).


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5 years ago

For most touchpads I know you need the right driver to use them as a graphic input.

Unless they are made for this standard will be a mouse replacement not more.
Check Google if there is already something available for this pad.

"Second, it would be nice to start learning how to create are actually 3d
already, that could then become lasercut-able or 3d printable." - You mean you want to know how to create 3D objects as a solid for 3D printing? If so I might be able to give you some tips.

Cool ideas depends on the capabilities of the machine and owner ;)
As a paperweight it would look too weird, so what can be more useful?
It all comes down to what HP supports and what third party programs can do with it.
For example the scanning bit should be possible with the HP softwares as well as David for example, given you can setup the software to use the stuff in the sprout.
You can draw with a stylus on images projected onto the touchpad, so for sure the same should be possible with other software - if they decide to support th functions.

I think it comes down to what the community makes of it.
HP is not really a pioneer in terms of 3D printing technology and the the sprout looks like a cool toy designed for HP use only at this stage.
With the rotating scanning platform you can jump into the 3D printing right away, for the rest time will tell if something becomes available and when.


5 years ago

You could try meshlab and sculptris



for 3D stuff, they work well together for the 3d printer. Ive no idea if it will work with your mat though. On the up side they are both free.

for your laser cutter have a look at this.


pro desktop is getting old now but its still way better than using inkscape.

I thinking you will have to plug in a mouse to make it work' but it free so it wont cost you anything to try.