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Surface Agitation with out a transducer? Answered

Well, i'm working on a sound project, the idea is simple, a metal sheet that is agitated by a speaker or a piezo. but it seems that the piezo and the speaker i'm using is still insufficient to shake the metal sheet, and i don't want to spent money importing a transducer from SparkFun.

So the question is, how can I do it? The speaker i'm using is 4ohm 6Wats, do i need a stronger one? if so, stronger ohmd or wats? or both?



Best Answer 5 years ago

You need a reasonable bass speaker you don't mind wreaking.


Remove the paper cone and bolt a heavy bit of steel to the voice coil. Cut the frame down.

This heavy speaker will rumble with the base from a suitable amp.

Often used by gamers to give more realism to action games.

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Answer 5 years ago

This was the best awnser so far, thats me most efficient method to make a metal sheet vibrate with a speaker, but the metal sheet need to be light weight or else it will put too much stress on the voice coil just like on this ible


In the comments you can see that

"I tried building this configuration for a high school physics project. The design works well, but after about 20-30 seconds of repetitive motion, the wave driver's magnetic coil stops working. The failure usually occurs at a frequency around 300Hz, even on low amplitudes. The first speaker produced a strong smell of burning metal when it burned out around 900Hz. So far, I have burned out three speakers. What am I doing wrong, and is there any way to ensure that this does not happen again if I build another one?


That's what happen when you put too much stress on the voice coil.


5 years ago

I have Found Something intresting in the related Ibles, and found what i was looking for! a Vibrating Membrane, it's more energy efficient and that's what i was looking for since the begining.


5 years ago

You need a larger more powerful speaker and an amp to back it up. More power means more wattage.