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Surround sound speakers and I'm clueless Answered

I replaced my surround sound speakers and now I have 5 speakers and have nothing to do with them. I don't have another receiver and do not want to buy one. So i'm stuck with only speakers. Any ideas besides just selling the speakers? Am I able to somehow connect all of them together and input a music player, CD player, etc?


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11 years ago

Depends on what kind of speakers you've got. If they're full-range speakers, you can use 'em individually (or in pairs for stereo). If they're a satellite/subwoofer system, no one of them alone will sound particularly good by itself. You really need to use at least one of the sats and the subwoofer together to have a complete loudspeaker. Some speaker systems will let you do that (they wire the subwoofer and satellites to or through each other). Others don't have the necessary crossover circuit -- you'd have to provide an external crossover set to the appropriate frequency ranges. Of course if you only have a stereo source, you can't get surround sound and it really wouldn't be worth trying to use all five. (Yes, there are kluges that simulate surround from a stereo source, but that's actually inferior audio compared to simple stereo reproduction -- fun to play with but not particularly useful if you care about what you're hearing.) So... It really depends on exactly what you have and how much additional work you're willing to put into it. Odds are that you can do better by trading them for a good, efficient (or amplified), pair of stereo speakers.