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Survey for personal fabrication Answered

I am doing a short survey on personal fabrication envisioning a future where things are made to order. Please participate in this survey and provide feedback to improve the survey. The survey link is shown below-



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6 years ago

You started your survey a few days ago, now you add thre more topics for the same stuff.

Don't get me wrong but this is not the right way.

If you need surveys create a website for it or use professinal services and pay for it.

We are here for making things, fixing them and to create new stuff, not to do personal surveys with questionable intentions.

I guess you just updated your sruvey and want to get more visitors for
it - spamming it here is not really the best way ;)

Of course this is only my personal opinion.


Reply 6 years ago


A comment on the original would have bumped it up.

We get quite a few people joining the site purely to ask for help with their research or with surveys like this. Unfortunately, they do not get many responses, partly because they are not established or active members of the community. As DU35 says, surveys popping up from new, unknown people feel spammy.


I would recommend to anybody that the best first step to learning about a community or culture is to observe it. Browse the site on a regular basis, over a period of days or weeks. Read projects, read people's profiles. Then join in, making comments, posting instructables of your own, asking questions as you need to.

That will give you an experiential context for the design of your survey, or the targeting of your questions. Having that bit of a track record behind you will also give you credibility as a researcher, and much more likely to get useful responses.