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Switched Mode Variable Power Supply Answered

Curious, Monday or Tuesday of this last week I found an Instructable for a Switched Mode Variable Power Supply I found very interesting. I didn’t print the design out because I wasn’t sure how I was fixed for parts. I went back the next day and the Instructable was gone. All I get is; “404: We're sorry, things break sometimes”

I really don’t have any other description other than it was built in a metal enclosure, blue, and used 2 V/A meters. Without the Instructable I can’t even tell you who made the Instructable. Has anyone seen and/or has the plans for this Instructables? The only thing I can add is a picture I've added from the internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis



1 year ago

10 months have passed since you posted your request, so you might have found an alternative. If not, the author you are looking for is netzener. I only have a paper copy of his instructable that I can scan and e-mail you if you are still interested, just give me your email address.
Personally I have just purchased the components and I am about to build his well made project.