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Switched Mode Variable Power Supply Answered

Curious, Monday or Tuesday of this last week I found an Instructable for a Switched Mode Variable Power Supply I found very interesting. I didn’t print the design out because I wasn’t sure how I was fixed for parts. I went back the next day and the Instructable was gone. All I get is; “404: We're sorry, things break sometimes”

I really don’t have any other description other than it was built in a metal enclosure, blue, and used 2 V/A meters. Without the Instructable I can’t even tell you who made the Instructable. Has anyone seen and/or has the plans for this Instructables? The only thing I can add is a picture I've added from the internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis



10 months ago

10 months have passed since you posted your request, so you might have found an alternative. If not, the author you are looking for is netzener. I only have a paper copy of his instructable that I can scan and e-mail you if you are still interested, just give me your email address.
Personally I have just purchased the components and I am about to build his well made project.