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Swivel Castor Wheels from Other Types of Wheels? Answered

Is it possible to make swivel castor wheels from skateboard, rollerblade, rollerskate, or other type wheels?
I know there are swivel plates by themselves, but would this be used?
If so, how, if at all, would the above types of wheels be attached?
Or just use some type of swivel bearings?
Wood? Something thru the middle of the wheels?
Fixed castor wheels attached to swivel plate?

Any ideas, other poss optons, to be able to make?




4 years ago

If the swivel caster plates are wire enough and deep enough then all you gotta do is bolt the wheels in place. You may have to cut some metal tubing as spacers between the wheel and sides of the caster plates to prevent the wheels from wiggling around and rubbing up against the plate. If the hole through the bearing is too large for the bolt used by the caster plate you'll want to drill out the holes in the plates to allow the right size bolt to pass through.


4 years ago

You get proper castor wheels for a few bucks at the hardware store.
Comes cheaper than trying to make something from skateboard wheels.