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Synchronous AC110V Motor Question Answered

I have a small AC synchronous microwave motor that I want to use for a project. The problem is that even though it says CCW/CW, which i take it to mean counter clockwise and clockwise, it randomly seems to choose which direction it wants to turn rather than me reversing the current to change the direction. What makes this motor randomly choose a direction? Is it some internal component that randomly decides it's direction? Basically, is there a way I can make it go the direction I want? If not, can someone point out a small size motor type that is cheap and has a lot of torque? Thanks to anyone who replies!


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9 years ago

You say its a "microwave motor" but not which part of the microwave it is from. If the fan, it is odd. if it is a built in turntable, I have seen that action in them....starting and stopping the mw reverses the motor without a need for current reversal.    I looked it up and this looks a lot like it.

 I couldn't find any specs on it though.