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System restore has never worked on 3 yr.old computer. States "your computer was not restored. Answered

Restore points are always created by myself and the computer. Not once has restore worked on this xp home system




8 years ago

 First if you intend to get a restore disk from anywhere other than a vendor make sure to run it through the antivirus scanner before you install it, no need to add to the bot net willingly! Also check your settings to make sure you haven't used up all the space on the hd allocated for the restore. Many times the setting has been set so there is no allocation therefore no restore! The fastest and probably easiest way to get this fixed would be to go to the Microsoft website and go into one of the many chat rooms where you will find innumerable micro geeks to assist you!


9 years ago

I would just reinstall everything and start from scratch. It's helpful to do every couple years just to wipe the programs clean. Lots of people have problems have system restore. I disable restore points on all my computers, just a waster of energy. Why are you restoring the computer? Do you have the windows CD? most likely not, but if you do just put it in and run windows repair. It replaces all the windows files that are corrupted or gone. If you dont have it I would just dl Windows xp ultimate from pirate bay and install that. Sitting at a computer after a fresh install if a great feeling.