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T-shirt rug loom? Answered

I am making t-shirts into rugs with 5 to 12 year olds. I am looking for instructions for a loom similar to the ones we used as kids to make pot-holders only big enough to use with loops cut from t-shirts.



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9 years ago

If you do this exactly like the potholder looms, building squares with individual loops of t-shirt material, you'd have to limit yourself to one size of t-shirt. However, if you build a frame to the finished rug size, and chain the loops of fabric like a rubber band chain, you can use all sizes of shirt bands together.


10 years ago

The only way I would know to do this correctly, would be to get some 1x2 lumber and build your square frame about 3-4 inches bigger all around than you want the finished rug to be.

Measure and mark about every 1 to 1 1/2 inches starting about 2 inches in from every corner. The marks is where you will put your nails, to become the "pegs" that the loops went on when we were kids.

It will probably be necessary to brace the frame, so either purchase 4 small "L brackets or use some scraps to brace from a horizontal side to a vertical side in several places.

I am sure there will be better answers eventually...but this was just off the top of my head! LOL

Good Luck!

       I would use rust resistant nails or if you wanted to get fancy, you could always drill holes and glue in small peices of dowel rods for the pegs.... but I would make "dry run" if possible to get the sizes right b4 putting in too much money or effort :)