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TESLA COIL!!! Answered

hi guys,
i was wondering if i could make a small tesla coil with transformer from Personal computer(15o-230 AC to DC 5V), home made capacitors and a whole 12inch cylindrical shape with copper wire (secondary coil).

for my school project... i was able to find this... some information online..but more information will be highly obliged!!

if there is any other easier way of making ..say for without transformer will be great..


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christopher john
christopher john

7 years ago

I do not know about the transformer from a computer but I know the flyback transformer from the old monitors from a computer can be .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy9JYIn1fiQ I do not know if this flyback transformer is from a computer screen maybe it is a old tv..


8 years ago

There are quite a few Tesla coil projects on this site, some of them "solid state".

Use the search-box top-right of every page, then refine your search by clicking on "graphical search" and selecting the kind of projects you want.