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THREE-DEE VIDEO from multiple lcd panels. Answered

This morning I was watching television and thought to myself, "Wouldn't Good Morning America be so much interesting in three dimensions? This got me thinking, and I came to this idea: what would happen if you dissected a bunch of lcd monitors, removed the backlights, and stacked them. Then, you plug all of the screens into a processor that generates an image for each screen, and have a powerful backlight to illuminate these screens. I know that it is quite a stretch, but if one could work around issues such as the amount of heat produced and the cost of production, I think this could work. I think the best bet for input would be using RGB or CKMY on multiple panels, but I am not an expert in optics or any of that. So basically, this is an outline of what would need to happen, as far as I can tell:

1. A group of LCD panels that, when in a cascade formation and are fed sufficient data, produce a three-dimensional image
2. A bright backlight that is capable of illuminating said LCD group
3. A video processor capable of sending multiple signals to the screens that would produce a three dimensional image (as stated in point 1)
4. A cooling system to maintain component functionality
5. A benefactor or deep pockets
6. Lots of spare time

If you have any ideas, please add them, I'd love to hear from the Instructables community.


Sky Woulf

8 years ago

why not just invent free form floating holograms?


9 years ago

3-D TV is here (see the news papers) if you want to wear $50 shutter glases that give you headaches if you are not in a dark room.

Better idea: Two LCD computer screens, (one vertical, one horizontal) with a plate glass beam splitter at a 45* angle in front of them. (Like this: _\I  Sorry, I can't quite do it on a keyboard.) You jigger the polarizing filters on the display and wear cheap (free) 3-D movie theater glasses that let each eye see only one screen's immage. Both screens are fed by a computer with a dual display video card. The horizontal screen needs to have its immage displayed upside-down to be right side up in the beam splitter composit.

Somewhere I heard about this system. It seems cheap enough and might be a better first comercial system.

Is anyone out there working with something like this?????
I might be willing to buy one if the price was right.