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TIME/SPACE Wrist Wear - has it been invented...can YOU invent it and satisfy planetary need for global outlook???? Answered

-needs to have visuals of sun's rays hitting the surface of the planet.
A 'real time' solar/lunar wrist watch that shows a 'real time' picture of how the sun's light is hitting the surface of the earth / time of day displayed on watch...giving the big eco picture of the oneness, etc.,..?

-needs to have a visual of the earth from space so you can see sun hitting earth's surface
-needs to have a stupid little icon that shows 'you are here' to indicate your chosen physical location
-needs to be able to be programmed to check out time in all major cities of the earth...Melbourne, Papua, you name it...
-Ideally would be fairly large and lovely wrist apparatus like a gauntlet of earth-friendly time/space info.
-could be pror=grammed to be 3 -d so that you could see where 'you are' at night.




Best Answer 10 years ago

Just build an lcd watch face interfaced to a micro-micro computer with gps function. Program in the graphics and link that to the gps and time keeping function.


10 years ago

Well, honestly, there have been watches like that (generally) for many years. There are watches that show the movement of both the sun and the moon against the virtual horizon or longitude, but none that I can think of that actually show the latitude at which the sun's rays hit the Earth or (AFAIK) that show the rays themselves.