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TOYS with LED's Answered


I recently bought one sword with LEDS and I want to know how they control the LEDS (it have different patterns of lighting). They use a PIC or IC ? I open the sword and have a very small PCB board with the IC cover with a black solid coating my questions are:

The toys use and IC or PIC?
What is the difference between IC or PIC's?
They control also the voltage of the LED (different color of LED have different voltage)?
The PIC/IC is programmed in which language?
Where can I found more resources about this topic ?

thank you for any help



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8 years ago

First of all IC stands for Integrated Circuit. Secondly PIC is a brand of micro controllers. Third, Micro Controllers are integrated circuits.

Often the ICs you find in toys like this under the black blob are custom ICs. How they go about programing them and what the IC is under that blob you'll never know. But the way the toy controls the lights and sounds can be easily reproduced on a PIC or any other micro controller. Its just a matter of learning the basics of the controller.