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TRANSFORMER capacitor taser spark gap help? Answered

hey guys ive made quite a few things with capacitors and modded things with transformers but im pretty new to transformers and wanted to know if anybody could either post a simple tutorial on how to us transformers or inform me on how to make a spark gap. also is it possible to up the voltage in the transformer to make the capacitor rapid charge. i have a potao canon with a crappy ignition sytem and was going to make one but i need help with the transformers



8 years ago

Transformer tutorial.

Small number of windings on the primary side and large number of windings on the secondary side.  Maybe 50 and 10,000 will generate a large voltage but with small amps.

A small spark plug makes a good spark gap for lighting vapors.

If you can get a small ignition coil from a modern car motor then you can use that.

Using a battery and a pushbutton switch the make and break of the switch causes the high voltage as the field builds and collapses.