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TREO take apart? reuse old cell? Answered

I have a almost new treo 650 that is useless as it was claimed lost. I am dying to take it apart and possibly use the screen, keypad, camera.. and what ever else is inside... Things I'd love to do. 1. Use the screen somehow, maybe install it in my truck somehow? to view what? hmmm...


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12 years ago

Assuming that it was you who lost it, you should be able to call your cell provider and have them re-activate it. I have a Centro, and i almost had to do exactly that. fortunately, i got my phone back, but i had talked with Sprint and they assured me it was possible. Anyway, back to what you asked. I'm not going to write an Instructable on this, because my Centro works perfectly fine and i don't want to ruin it. However, you could probably just take off the case, and mount it using the car charger. And while you couldn't use the network, it should still work for whatever you wanted to use it for, For instance, a video or mp3 player.