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TV Aerial Modification Answered


I have a Yaggi style tv aerial (vertical polarisation, wideband) in the loft

I pick up the main signals from a sub-transmitter (forgotten the right word) to the front of the aerial - good reception.

I receive some weak signals, depending upon the weather conditions, from the main transmitter at the rear of the aerial. I receive these signals by reflections from the landscape, etc.

I am thinking of attempting to boost the reception from the rear by placing horizontal directors alongside the vertical directors.

Do you think this idea will increase, decrease, or make little difference to the reflected/direct receptions.



PS.  Before you ask, Yes I have tried pointing the aerial towards the main transmitter, but I get no signals, due to geographical considerations. I get better reception from the main transmitter when the aerial points 90 degreesaway from it.


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