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TV Remote Project? Answered

I've got an old TV remote. I'm pretty sure it works, though I no longer have the TV. It doesn't work with my new(er) tv. I really don't want to throw out this remote....any ideas for something I could do with it?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Remotes are specifically programed for the device they are paired with. A universal remote is reprogrammable so it can imitate a large number of devices but a dedicated remote would be difficult, if not impossible to reprogram for a different device. It's simply not made with that capability. But often remotes from the same brand have the same programing or are very similar. So an RCA remote might work on other RCA devices, but there is no way to know for sure.
Other than using it as a remote I don't know of another purpose that they could work for. If you could salvage the receiver from the dead TV you might be able to use the combo for some remote control project but I think most receivers are nothing more than sensors. The interpretation of the signal is done by the processors on the electronics board and that would have gone dead with the TV.