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TV power lead cut. How do I spilce a new cable? Answered

Hi all I found a TV and I did notice it had the power lead cut off. And they have cut it right at the edge of the cable. I wanted to know how to go about spilcing a new cable but iam total newbie and I have never soldered before :( Any help will be great.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

Well, what we can see in this picture, is a cross-section of a power cord, for connecting to mains power.


I am guessing this power cord had just two conductors (wires) in it, and the plug on the end had two prongs. Moreover the names of these conductors are: (L)ine and (N)eutral.

Also I think the colors I am seeing in this picture are brown and light blue, with the brown wire being the (L)ine conductor, and the light blue wire being the (N)eutral conductor.


Also if you follow these wires to where they connect to a big circuit board, inside the TV, that circuit board ?might? have some scribbles on it, including the characters, "L" and "N" which indicate the same thing.

Regarding techniques for connecting some new wires, I am hoping the Let's Make search can show us some existing instructables, about how that is done... if only we can think of the right words to ask, e.g.

Let's Make: " power cord repair"

I don't want to spoil the surprise, but there is more than one method to do this.

Some methods involve soldering.

Some methods involve those little crimpy, butt splice, connectors.


Some repairers use other methods.E.g.

Let's Make: " connect wires"

This includes temporary connections like, wires with alligator clips on them, and stuff like that.


The caveat with alligator clips, for mains power, is that you have to give some thought to the fact this is a tenuous connection. That is to say, you do not dare touch anything, or bump anything, while your power circuit is held together with alligator clips.

Moreover, you DO NOT TOUCH mains power wires, while they are energized.

That one simple trick, regarding the repair of mains powered appliances, can help you live longer.