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Tablet Help? Answered

I recently purchased a used pandigital novel tablet. Unfortunately it has some problems. The most major of these is that some of the aplications don't work. The really critical one that doesn't work is the "ES File Explorer" which is what lets me do almost all of the app management and the fike system options. When the icon is tapped it brings up a notification that the "application is not installes on your phone"

I think the problem is that when the OS (Android 2.0 by the way) was installed the I cons were placed on the home page but the Aplication wasn't installed. I have downloaded the .APK aplication file for the ES file explorer on another computer and copied it to the 1 GB SD card. But I can't move the APK file onto the tablet internal storage from the SD card because I don't have a file manager installed. I canpt access the tablets internal memory when it is plugged into the computer. The computer just looks at the tablet as a card reader for the SD card.

Also some other aplications don't work. These include:

Office suite
Sam Slide application store.

If someone could please please help me I would be ery happy if you neeed more info just ask.



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8 years ago

Did this come with an OS?
I'm not sure whether you've bought a defective product or just "broken it" in some way.



Answer 8 years ago

It did come with Android OS Android 2.0. I bought it used on EBAY. I Was using it yesterday when all of the sudden all of the functions that wherent working started working.

I have no idea why this happend but now everything is working.