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Tablet PC From Netbook? Answered

Hello Everyone :)

I'm new to this community, though I'm not new to DIY projects.

I hope somebody can help me out, I need some help with a proposed project of mine.
 I have an old Acer Aspire one 751h and it's an 11.6 inch netbook, LED screen, and I'm willing to tear it down to make a windows tablet. I know I need a touch screen kit, but I need help choosing one, I don't mind resistive ( I know it's very hard to find a multi touch 11.6 inch touch screen kit)
In fact, I would say I would prefer ressistive as It's cheaper.
One more thing, is it possible to use a larger touchscreen on a smaller screen and then calibrate it? as long as it's the same aspect ratio?
For the tablet case/ body, inverting the screen and using the original Acer aspire one 751h case isn't hard, but if it's possible to use perspex or a material like that ( no carbon fibre please) I would like a few pointers. I don't mind the tablet having a rectangular feel/ look, as long as it's easy and practical to build.

I also have an old  8x6 inch graphics tablet with 1024 levels of sensitivity, is there any way I can use this along with the touchsreen for input? Like behind the screen. 

The netbook runs Full HD content and windows 7 fine and has a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, one of the reasons I'm keen on the project .
Thanks a lot ! :) 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most touchscreen conversions seem to use kits directly from China, which you can get from places like DealExtreme or eBay. These guys also converted an Aspire One, using a DealExtreme kit. There are a few Aspire One tablet conversions out there.

Not sure about using a larger touchscreen. I think you have to calibrate all of the overlays anyway, so I don't think it would matter, but a too-large overlay will be harder to fit in the bezel and likely more expensive anyway.

If you just want it to be a tablet, and not convertible to notebook form factor, this guy made a pretty tablet by cutting through the back of the display bezel and flipping the LCD. You might poke around Ben Heck's website for ideas on making the case look good, he's legendary for that. (here too!) I think he generally uses essentially plastic billet and mills/routes all the edges on.

I'm not thinking of any way to make a graphics tablet work...it would have to be clear back behind the backlight, so it probably wouldn't pick up anything from that far away unless you cranked up the sensitivity, and since graphics tablets are generally electromagnetic, you'd pick up all kinds of noise from the computer.

Best of luck!


Answer 8 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question :)
I know about the touch screen kits, but I wanted a few pointers on selecting one.
This guy made a pretty sweet tablet =/


He said "I used a 15" touch screen (even though the LCD is 13.4") because it was the only screen I could find that was truly 16:9 and was at least 13.4" in diameter. Most of the widescreen touch screens are 16:10, not 16:9. It does not hurt to have the touch screen larger than the LCD."

I actually would be very interested in a convertible form factor, but I don't know if that would be much easier than making a tablet. Unfortubately, the acer is not flat like the Mac in that link, so it would need more work using that method. I'm thinking of making a case out of fortified cardboard, I'll make a few pieces and test how that goes, I've heard that cardboard painted/thickly painted with epoxy and fibre glass or similar materials can be very strong.

As for the Tablet thing, I got the idea from his instructable
Thank you for your time!


Answer 8 years ago

I think that most of the touchscreen kits are fairly similar in operation and reliability, and choosing one is just a matter of finding one the right size for the lowest price.

The tricky part about making a convertible tablet is making that weird little two-axis hinge. If you were good with machining, you could likely make one out of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium or similar that would be far more robust than anything on the market. If you aren't an expert with that, though, it'll be very difficult to duplicate that hinge and have it hold up. It might be easier to make one more like Dell's Inspiron duo or Ben Heck's Coach Section Laptop, which are fairly simple and rugged mechanically.

The nerdling

7 years ago

ok, so you take the keyboard panel off so you can see the motherboard and stuff, then you unplug the monitor and un screw it.
turn the monitor around so when you close it the screen is facing up, screw it and plug it back in.
unscrew the front panel of the monitor and put the touch thingy in, screw it back.
close the monitor and with your soldering iron melt the plastic around the monitor to "glue" it to the chassis.
sand it down so it's smooth, upload the drivers for the touch screen and ping, you have a tablet pc

Dr. PepperNimer11

Answer 8 years ago

Thanks! I subscribed that way if you do make something then I'll know!

aelias36Dr. Pepper

Answer 8 years ago

Oh, wow, this is the best answer on this site I've seen in *months*! +1

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Answer 8 years ago

Thanks dude or girl dude (lol)! It just came to me.