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Tablet PC into a regular tablet/ screen tablet? Is it possible? Answered

I owned a tablet PC - fujitsu T4010D and after a while, I had to stop using it - as I've gotten it USED, and I stepped on it as well (lol I'm a klutz, yeah..) it began being a danger to use.  Between the previous ans current issues, it would spark, etc. etc.

A few months later my main tablet, my intuos3 died on me so I have no tablet at all.  So I then thought - would it be possible to convert the digitizer and everything in the tablet PC and simply turn it into either:

A:  A screen tablet (like the Cintiq) that would work with another computer


B: Simply a regular tablet for another computer

With option A, I'd assume there would be the annoying process of getting a digitizer (unless it can be utilized from the current laptop) and everything.  I asked that a while back and I was told it's sort of not worth it for making another screen.

With option B... I really don't know if there's any way of doing it.

Overall, having a screen tablet that uses Wacom's technology is nice, without the $2000 price tag it holds.  In the case of having a general tablet, if it can be done without spending $600-$1000 I'd like to try my hand at it...

...Is this even possible, though?


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