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Tablet with dead battery: buy a new battery or create a dummy battery? Answered

Hi guys,
I have an android tablet with a dead battery so it won't turn on (it hangs on boot screen). Like cellphones and smartphone, if I use the tablet with the wall adapter and without the battery won't start.

The battery is a 3.7 v, 22.2 Wh (6Ah) type, it's dimensions are 0.45 x 11.3 x 10.5 mm.

So I have a choice: I can buy a new battery or create a dummy battery.

I've searched ebay, amazon and other site but unluckily seems that I can't find a replacement battery (or find a seller that can ship a similar battery to italy).

In the other hand, I don't know how to create a dummy battery.

Can you help me with finding a replacement battery or teaching me how to create the dummy battery?

Thanks in advance :)


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6 years ago

A dummy battery is simply a normal battery pack with the same voltage that is connected istead of the original, often by using the original cable is used as the batteries have different ones.

Bit smaller than yours and with less power but ships to Italy:

There are others with more power available but you would have to check if you can fit them into the tablet.