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Taking apart an old Solo5300 laptop? Answered

I have an old solo5300 (actually two) with a broken hdd and i want to take out the LCD screen..i want to know what all i need...there are multiple wires and boards attached to the LCD screen and if i should take those and replace the same components in the secone laptop....the screen model is LTN141X0 and [here http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/106605/SAMSUNG/LTN141x.html] is a nice schematic for it (page 6) ...the mfg is samsung if that helps..



9 years ago

Are you trying to use it as a second monitor?


Answer 9 years ago

well, after about ten minutes of use or so, the lapto #2 we'll call it, the screen flickers and goes wacky color and all sorts of annoyances..so i took the screen from laptop #1 and replaced laptop #2 screen...still happened..so i replaced the power converted ( i assume thats what it was..its in pic two) and the ribbon cable..it still happens, but not as often..i think its a hardware probelm inside the machine... :(    i dont use it very often so it doesnt really matter much...