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Taskings S PAB Revolution 2012 [The new step] Answered

This is the year before 2012.
Now don't think about AHHH we are going to DIE! No WE ARE NOT GOING TO DIE! So calm down, it is not the end.
It is for you the chance to step up and act.
Why? Because I am tired of wasted users for just joining and THAT IT.
So just make a Paper Airplane instructables or a forums and that what im saying, oh and show it to the damn group or your sacked [That includes old members too.] 
Answering won't stop you being sacked so just make a forums the easiest.
There is another thing why.
Because they don't rank up.
So they just do random stuff instead.
Yeah seriously.
And it is the time that you need to get ready for the ANOTHER NEXT YEAR.
So just give me info ideas.

Thanks for reading it.



8 years ago

when is the hammerhead glider z gonna be posted?