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Teach a cat to use a litter tray? Answered

I have two kittens that were using the litter tray, but for some reason they have now decided that the cold tiles under the toilet are a better place to relieve themselves. I am not enjoying cleaning up the mess. Does anyone know how I can stop them from using the floor and continue to encourage them in using their trays........




Best Answer 10 years ago

I'm not too sure but maye you have to keep the area clean, and the litter box with a little smell, not telling you to make it stink. But most likely your house will smell something like cats, right? So after they use their "toilet" keep the stuff in the box, put it in and mae sure you clean up the "toilet" area very well. I hope it works, becaise I've never done it. But for a lot of animals, it goes to the same area because it has their scent.


9 years ago

if your cat don't like using the litter tray,let the cat go around the garden and it will prefer using the garden than the tiles.i've tried with my cat and it works.