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Teacher Contest - Clarification? Answered

I was reading through the rules for this contest and ran across a bit of a question about the contest overview. It says that any instructable must be "projects for students that can be incorporated into a lesson plan." I was wondering if this was only applying to projects that are being made by students or if a project, completed by the teacher, then used in the classroom with the students would be eligible. I have two ideas that fall into the second category, and I think that being able to enter into the contest would be enough effort for me to get around to making them. Please help?!



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9 years ago

Either. (Both?!)

The goal is to generate some plug and play projects and activities that can be incorporated into a lesson. Student work counts. So does a teacher demonstration.

So long as the project includes a specific learning objective (After making a pizza, students will be able to multiply two digit numbers by fractions. Or whatever your activity/project/demonstration will teach.)