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Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Cans/Metal Bottles Answered

I've been brainstorming Christmas ideas for my Dad.  He's in the military, and is an avid hunter.  I want to make something creative that can also be useful, and I keep coming back to these energy drink cans/metal bottles that I've been drinking lately.  They look like this:


And I'm thinking it would be really cool if I somehow could mount a strap on them and find someway to make them useful as a holder for something... but what?  My creativity is lacking here. 

Or maybe a lamp? 

What do you guys think?  Any good ideas or links to similar projects?


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9 years ago

Those bottles look easily re-usable - why not make some sort of carrier for them so that your dad can carry his hunting tipple of choice?

Have a look at these search results for some ideas.