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Technology Category: Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Data Science Answered

I would like to see AI/ Machine Learning/ Data Science be a Subcategory in the Technology Category on Instructables.

The field of Data Science/ Machine Learning is on the rise. Machine Learning is being integrated into various products & services we use on a daily basis. Below is the Developer Roles chart from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017; It shows that the field of Data Science & Machine Learning combined accounts for approximately 12% of those surveyed, compared to the combined 1.6% in 2016.

A large number of Open Source Machine Learning libraries like TensorFlow, SciKit, etc have been made available to developers across the world. These libraries enable developers & engineers to integrate ML models, Computer Vision, Chat Bots, Speech & Text recognition, etc into their projects.
The Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa AI both AI Assistants are now compatible with the Raspberry Pi.
Android Things - An OS built for connected embedded systems which can run ML & AI programs is now compatible with Hardware Platforms like the Intel Edison/ Joule & the Raspberry Pi.
Platforms such as OpenAI conduct fundamental research & provide free software for training, benchmarking & testing AI.
Kaggle - a website for hosting Data Science Competitions has a large collection of high-quality public datasets.
There are many other platforms & frameworks like these.

With the growing number of resources being made available in these fields, it is only natural that a large number of people will be looking for tutorials & instructions to help them integrate these resources into their projects.
Instructables could become the repository of ML/AI based projects. E.g: AI-based Security System, a Line following robot which uses ML algorithms to follow the line, etc.

I hope we can have a constructive discussion in the comments as to how we the Instructables Community can make Instructables the best repository for AI/ML projects.



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Might be worth moving this to Feedback.


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Yes - I don't think people were using it very much.

Instead, if you start a new topic, add "feedback" to the tags.