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Telephone answering machine Answered

I am looking for a machine that will allow people to call a telephone  
number that would be automatically answered and relayed to a  
louspeaker so that the call can be heard "out loud". This planned as  
an analogue system but I am open to everything. The calls should be  
limited to 3 minutes.

alternative:   an app that would allow me to answer my calls  
automatically (hands-off) and listen to the callers without touching  
the phone. The calls should be limited to 3 minutes.

This is project that is happening in mid-August 2013 in Palm Springs Ca.

Usually in Europe I use a  Tiptel 540 SD  but these dont seem  
available in the US.

Any tips or help are welcome.

see web link   http://www.benoitmaubrey.com/?p=1963

Yours electronically
B. Maubrey


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7 years ago

Get a phone with an answering machine. All answering machines have a load speaker and once the call is picked up and a short message is played back the call is broadcast over the machines own load speaker. If you need it to tie into another sound system you can always mod the machine as needed.