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Tesla coil configuration. Audio amplifier power supply? Answered

If I am to use an audio amplifier as a power supply for a Tesla coil could I do without a spark gap and primary capacitor?
I will be operating the coil within the audible spectrum (1Hz - 20KHz) so an amplifier fits the bill.
It's a 2 channel magnetic field power amplifier rated for 750W per channel. That's 750RMS not 750IFL. (If lightning strikes)

The current would flow as follows: Power Amp> 4ohm Load> NST 5000v 60ma> RF Choke> Primary Coil> Secondary Coil

1. Do I need a capacitor bank between the RFC and the primary?
2. Can a few feet of 28AWG galvanized steel wire act as a reliable resistor for the 300W current? What about 750W? If not, what can I substitute?
3. Can the amp hold together? I need it in one piece.

Please point out the flaws. Thank you


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