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Tesla coil stopped? Answered

Took apart cap all is not melted transformer brand new what do I do?
Cap smells like the soap that cleaned the pieces and electricity



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Answer 6 years ago

Assuming the NST was never overheated.
You can test it if it still draws a 3/4" spark across its terminals
  1. Your two nails for the spark gap in plywood could develop a carbon track between layers of wood which easily acquires moisture and the gap is really high voltage.  Try a better insulator like plexiglass and two 7/16 screw with nuts for cooling the hot arcing.  See a really good sparker in the picture.
  2. Your capacitor made of foil and cups probably got hot from the high frequency RF energy it was passing to your primary. Then when hot the voltage can punch micro holes effectively shorting the capacitor plating.

I really do have to congratulate you on successfully making a Tesla
work with mostly plain household items in plywood ! 
Never seen that before.

You have some rebuilding to do and then only run for short
time bursts and let things cool down.


Answer 6 years ago

Thank you that eased my Mind yeah I'm waiting for Monday I'm gonna try build a bigger one real pro like. MacGyver style and I think my xfmr needs thicker wires.