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Text Message Controlled Devices Answered

For my school science fair, I am designing a circuit that will turn appliances on/off through their power cord by a text message. I am thinking of using the vibrating motor leads of an old phone to control it. Anyone who knows of a source on the Wide Wide World o' Web about such a circuit, or would like to help me design it (collaborate on an i'ble?), PM me or email me at westy158497@yahoo.com. Yes, I use the same name and password for everything!


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11 years ago

I'm sure there's a lot of different ways to do this, but my blush thought: Depending on the output to the motor, you could probably hook the motor leads up to a transistor and use that to toggle a latching relay. Basically every time the phone vibrates, the relay would switch between open and closed, although if the phone vibrates more than once on receiving a text it would flip on and off for each vibration. If you think that'd work for you, I can sketch up some quick schematics.