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Text based pokemon beta Answered

This is a demo of a text based pokemon game i am working on.

There may be some glitches or bugs.

Save often in case of glitches and bugs.

Do not move the .txt file that the game creates, as that is the save file.

Click the file named textbasedpokemon.rar, to download the game.

Use winrar to open up the file.

Please comment if you like it or dislike it.

Please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Please comment if you find any problems with the game.


Beta V1.3:
1.You can now get a potion (go find it).
2.You can now get PokeBalls (pr.oak gives you them).
3.Fixed major glitch that happens when your Pokemon faints in battle and you switch to your next Pokemon.
4.Cleaned up the Pokemon info screen.
5.General fixes and changes.

Update History:

Beta V1.2:

1.Fixed an imbalance in the way leveling up Pokemon works.
2.Modified save and load function.
3.Fixed error in how pp is calculated.
4.Fixed error caused by being healed by your mom.

Beta V1.1:

1.Your Pokemon can now faint in battles.
2.Your mom will heal your Pokemon if you run out of Pokemon in battle.
3.Fixed problem with Pokemon not increasing in level.
4.Increasing in level now increases a Pokemon's max hp, its max pp, its max exp, and the max amount of damage a move does.
5.increased loading speed in battles!
6.General fixes and changes.


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