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The 4th at Instructables HQ Answered

So we had a great 4th of July party here at the tower. For those of you who did not experience it, I fear no written description could allow you to ever know the true greatness of what happened that night, and I would just end up tantalizing you with details like "Guitar Hero and barbecue on the roof" or "fireworks being launched from Alcatraz in the background" or "Dance Dance Revolution and karaoke in the conference room". No, I'm afraid if I attempted to describe that night, with details like those, I would merely be tickling your taint; however, don't cry yourself to sleep just yet, there is still hope for you to share in on a slice of the "Awesome pie" which was that night.

Through the wonders of advanced intertube technology, I am able to show you a video of what may, or may not (for liability reasons) be us launching a rocket out of the old howitzers next to the tower. How fitting that these guns, which used to defend our country, can take part in celebrating our freedom.


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13 years ago

I sooo want to work at Instructables HQ! How old do have to be to be an intern?