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The All Steps dilemma... Answered

So the reason i became a member of ibles was to get allsteps, only after signing up did i discover the amazing community we have here !

I visited the site fairly frequently before signing up and i just clicked through the steps which was highly frustrating.

Have i got this right ?
No membership = NO allsteps
free membership = allsteps if you click the box on the instructable
Pro membership = Allways allsteps

if that is right then speaking from experience, i have to disagree, i think the free-membership level should get allsteps preference, that way they can become a member, easily view the whole instructable and then when they realize how utterly awesome instructables is they can sign up for pro.

If i had arrived at ibles today and signed up for a free account because i liked it, i would have seen the pro option and thought "ill see what they have to offer first" and then when i tried to look at an instructable i had to continually click allsteps or even worse click through all the steps, i fear i may have lost instructables in the depths of my bookmarks folder.

Now i love instructable's i have many friends and lots of fun, and i totally agree with the pro accounts. I just worry that without allsteps preference, the free-members will be dissuaded to stick around and eventually sign up to pro..

p.s. im not great at writing long things so just try to get the gist of what im saying :)
p.p.s. pic unrelated..



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fungus amungus
fungus amungus

11 years ago

Allsteps is an option if you're a Pro member. You can click it every time or set it to always happen in your preferences. Right now, it's still an option for the users who made accounts before Pro accounts started, but new accounts don't have it.


Reply 11 years ago

It's a basic annoyance, you have to weigh up "I can't be bothered (with this site altogether)" against "I can't be bothered with this so you can have the cash" against "I'll put up with it". For a site with a lot of passing viewers I wouldn't have thought you'd get the majority paying for this feature (alone)? L